Sunday, August 28, 2011

Am I Homesick?

So I've never been homesick before, and I've never really understood how you catch it, but I'm pretty sure this is what homesickness feels like.

Today Colter is hanging out with my family and last week my best friend Mark hung out with them too, and it just feels weird that my everyday life is going on without me there.

I talk to my family at least once a week, and Skype them on Sundays.. Life in Kirtland sounds as crazy as always. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving that I'm no longer babysitti
ng and cleaning (as the big sister) all the time, but I do miss some things:

He's starting to grow out of that obnoxious-little-brother stage and I miss the talks we've had that have really made me grow close to him. He and I always had late night talks when he'd come sit on my bed and talk about school or girls or whatever drama he was in at the moment, and is really good at making me laugh when I've had a long day.

Secondly, and very especially, this guy right here.
I miss hanging out at his house, watching the spanish news channel and talking for hours.
I miss singing to blasting White Boy music in his truck when we're procrastinating going home.
I miss taking twice as long at WalMart because he tries putting extra items I don't even need in the cart.
I miss how easily he can ruin a potentially good movie, without fail, every. single. time we go see one.
And most of all, I just miss having my best friend around that can always make my day better by just making me laugh and reminding me it's okay to be completely retarded sometimes.

Even though it makes me sound completely crazy, I miss my chaotic, hectic, drive-me-up-the-wall family. (John not pictured) The two adorable girls my family is fostering are cuter and cuter every time I see them, and it feels really weird not to have kids running around everywhere I go.

I know that things will get better again once I have a job and start getting more busy myself, but until then I thought I'd just add a small tribute to the "other life" I don't intend to leave in the past. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet Colter.

This would be my handsome man.
At the moment, he is home with his family in New Mexico, while I am 400 miles away at ASU for school, majoring in English. It's been a really complicated summer, because although we've talked every single day that we've been together, actually SEEING each other has been a little hectic with both of us traveling and preparing for our new lives to start.

When we are together, he's always loved taking me on walks and being a huge brat anytime he had the chance. In some ways, we are so completely opposite it's ridiculous, and he drives me crazy as often as he can. But in the end there's nothing that makes me happy more than knowing he is my absolute best friend and I can go to him about anything, even if sometimes I feel really really dumb for whatever I did.

On October 12th he and I will be officially going our separate ways, and although we are already trying to maintain a long distance relationship, it will definitely not be the same when I don't get to text, call or Skype him everyday. That part is probably the only sad part about it though.. Because now I get to be a girl happily in wait of an LDS missionary!

I've been picking up on ideas from other MG's of what to do while I wait, and I am so excited to start my countdown calendar and to send him packages and learn and do so many things to help myself grow while he's out saving the world.

He has to leave home so other people can have their families for eternity... so when he comes home we can have ours :)


So I sort of have an announcement.
I am now preparing to wait for a missionary.

It feels really weird to be saying this, seeing as four months ago I did not see myself in this situation at all. However, God had other plans for me and now here I am. Sitting here typing about my soon-to-be missionary, wearing the promise ring he gave me three weeks ago.

We started dating June 3rd. We'd known each other for about a year, but we never really talked much because he was dating a girl I knew from another school. But... they had broken up last winter and we ran into each other at summer institute, and started talking.
It didn't take long for our rendezvous to begin, by the third week of class we considered ourselves a "couple" and so did everyone around us.

We've known from the beginning that our fun would have to end with the summer, because the night of our first date he opened his mission call to find out he was leaving October 12th for Panama City, Panama! However, our love has grown quickly and I have decided once and for all that I am willing to wait for him to come home from his mission, so we can marry each other for eternity in the temple in 2013.

I know I'm a huge dork for saying this but I am so friggin PUMPED to be a Missionary's Girlfriend! I have been reading blog after blog of girls who are currently waiting for their missionary boyfriends and all the different ways they are making the longest 2 years of their lives a fun experience.... And have decided to start my own. I figure this is also the best way to journal my life for the next two years, something to keep me sane when the days are long.

I will now use this time to tell a little bit about my boy and all the fun we have had and are having!