Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet Colter.

This would be my handsome man.
At the moment, he is home with his family in New Mexico, while I am 400 miles away at ASU for school, majoring in English. It's been a really complicated summer, because although we've talked every single day that we've been together, actually SEEING each other has been a little hectic with both of us traveling and preparing for our new lives to start.

When we are together, he's always loved taking me on walks and being a huge brat anytime he had the chance. In some ways, we are so completely opposite it's ridiculous, and he drives me crazy as often as he can. But in the end there's nothing that makes me happy more than knowing he is my absolute best friend and I can go to him about anything, even if sometimes I feel really really dumb for whatever I did.

On October 12th he and I will be officially going our separate ways, and although we are already trying to maintain a long distance relationship, it will definitely not be the same when I don't get to text, call or Skype him everyday. That part is probably the only sad part about it though.. Because now I get to be a girl happily in wait of an LDS missionary!

I've been picking up on ideas from other MG's of what to do while I wait, and I am so excited to start my countdown calendar and to send him packages and learn and do so many things to help myself grow while he's out saving the world.

He has to leave home so other people can have their families for eternity... so when he comes home we can have ours :)

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