Monday, September 5, 2011

"Givin' Em Hell"

This weekend has been extra crazy and fun so now it's time to update!

Thursday I went to my FIRST Sundevils football game!!
It was so much fun and I love that football games never change, other than get funner as you get older :)

At first I didn't know if I was going to have that much fun because I didn't know anyone else who was going to be in the same section as me but decided to go anyway for the love of the game... and I'm so glad I did!! I ended up quickly making friends with the students sitting around me and we all got super pumped and excited together throughout the whole night.

This was my view of the student section from where I sat (more like stood, you were scorned for ever resting your feet in the student section) As you can see everyone is holding their pitchforks up, this is kinda like ASU spirit fingers and a much cooler alternative in my opinion ;)

I know this picture is really blurry but I don't care because it's SPARKY our mascot!!! I was really really lucky because I just so happened to have an empty spot next to me the one time Sparky decided to come find a place to stand in our row. He came and watched the game next to me for a good two minutes it was so awesome!! And it kinda gives me more perspective on what it must have been like for little kids when I would go stand by them in my Bronco mascot uniform back in high school. AWESOME FEELING.

Oh and I suppose I should mention how good my seat was... I had one of the best seats in the student section by far. I waited 3 hours in the blistering hot sun to get a spot in the second row of the stands, 50 feet from the 20 yard line! And I was on the jumbo screen twice!!

I had no idea the student section was this ginormous until ASU Sports posted this picture on Facebook.. See all the gold? That's us!! In the "Inferno" aka the student section, if you are caught wearing ANY colored shirt that isn't gold, you're kicked out. That even includes maroon! I now understand why they're so strict, because we looked awesome.

Once the night was over I was SO flippin tired I don't even remember climbing into bed, but it was so worth it because we beat UC Davis 48-14. Next week is the game against Missouri and everyone is expecting big things, so I guess I'll be back here next week at 3:30 to get my good seats again!

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