Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Am So Pumped...

...To see these two people right here:Yes, of course I still want to see everyone else, but I've already talked about them. Now it's time for my Colter and Codi rant. Tomorrow I fly home for Colter's missionary farewell on Sunday, so I get a long weekend to hang out with my Kirtland family and friends again! Yay!

So Codi here:
Is one of the three girls my family is currently fostering. And she is the most adorable 2 year old I have ever met! Apparently she's been quite the terror since I've been gone, going through her "Terrible Two's"... but I don't care because at the moment I miss her like crazy!
I'm sure this weekend once I do something she won't like she'll throw a little fit at me too, as two years olds often do, but until then, I am very excited to see this little cutie.

Speaking of cuties...
WARNING: I am about to go on a girly rant, so if you don't want to read about it I suggest you log off my blog now :)


I have not seen this kid in over a month and it's driving me crazy! The worst part is he's been hunting since the 12th, and therefore out of cell phone service, so I have not even heard from him for the past two weeks, with the exception of a surprise phone call on Saturday.
I really don't even know if I get to see him tomorrow when I fly in, because there's a good possibility that he'll be hunting til Friday, but I'm coming home for his farewell, so pretty dang better show up before too long. :)
When he wasn't hunting, we discovered the miracle of Skype, and this little innovation has been the coolest thing since grape jelly in my opinion. When you have fairly good webcams, the conversations on Skype are so much better than cell phones because you can talk and see each other and it costs nothing! I've used it to talk to my family too, and lemme tell ya, Skype definitely makes distance easier to handle.

So as I've said, tomorrow I fly home! I'm a teensy bit terrified though because I have never been on a plane before. The scary part isn't the airplane though... It's the airPORT! I am so scared that I'll get lost or I'll miss my flight or somehow manage to get on the wrong plane and end up in Costa Rica (wait... maybe that wouldn't be so bad....) or something. AND to top it off I have a 2 hour layover in Denver for two hours before I even get where I'm going.
It should be quite the adventure... But I'm still very excited. I will write all about my trip home when I come back, so until then, wish me luck!

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