Sunday, October 9, 2011

Visit for the Weekend

First of all, sorry for the delay. I have had a lot going on these past few weekends (which I will tell you about, promise!) and there's been midterms so I have been busy busy.
Secondly, my phone broke.. So all of my pictures from the past few weekends have been lost. So... this will be a regular old word blog for a few posts. Sorry!

But anyways.
I went home on the 21st (Wednesday) and Colter surprised me by showing up at the airport! It was a great surprise. The airport turned out to be the easiest part of flying, because I have discovered that airplanes and turbulence do not agree with me. Besides that, I easily found my flights and seats and everything and for the most part, people were helpful and friendly when needed.

On Thursday, I got to stick around home for the day with the family. I've missed the kids a lot and I got to meet the newest foster girl we have, a little one month old that is adorable :) Later that night we went to a family friend's house for a birthday party, and then Mark, Colter, our friend Matt, and Landon and I went to Mark's house to watch the season 8 premiere of the greatest show on Earth:

The Office!!!
Which was not too disappointing, even with their new boss.

Then Friday I ended up going to Colter's house and spending the evening with him and his Momma, and we got pizza and watched Hitch (awesome movie!) and the Food Network.

Okay, before I tell you about Saturday, I'm going to use a lot of terms some might not be familiar with, so I've turned them into links in case I start to sound too confusing.. So just click for more info if you'd like!
Saturday was a really big day for me and my family. We got to go to the Monticello Temple that my church has so we could be sealed to each other. This was the most amazing experience I have ever had! I'm so grateful for a family that loves me and that wants to stay together, because I don't know that one lifetime will ever be enough for me.

Sunday was Colter's big day. He gave his farewell talk to his ward for leaving for his mission. My family and I went and he did a really good job. I'm so proud of him for wanting to help our church and serve the Lord, and I know that Panama is going to be so blessed for having him for 2 whole years! After church, I spent time with him and his parents and I helped his mom makes lunch, and then went home and Colter and I had pie with the family before I had to leave for my flight. Then I said my goodbyes, and Colter took me to the airport where we said our "See Ya Later" for two years, since he's leaving this Wednesday.

It was a fantastic weekend, and I was so excited to go... However, that just wasn't enough for me ;)

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