Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

So remember how I've mentioned being surprised a few times, and that I have already said my last goodbye to Colter? Well, plans changed. And I decided to make a surprise trip home on my birthday for the weekend.

There was several reasons for coming home again.
Firstly, I knew no one expected me to come home (as far as they knew, I'm on a college budget) (...oh wait, I still am...) so I knew that it would most definitely be a good surprise for both my family and Colter.
Second, it was my BIRTHDAY for goodness' sake! I thought it was a great birthday gift to treat myself to. (Okay, so my friends here weren't planning on ignoring it or anything.. but sometimes home is just better)
Thirdly, it was General Conference weekend for my church.. which is practically a holiday for my family, because we always have extra people over and it gives my mom (and Second Mom, Rae Ann) an excuse to cook for everyone.

So there really was no other option. I hopped a plane up to Durango and Mark picked me up to take me to surprise my family. It turned out to be a great idea, no one had any idea, and my parents may have been a little surprised but still really happy to see me. I also planned it out with Cindy, Colter's mom, to surprise Colter that night... and I loved seeing the look on his face when he got home and I was standing in the laundry room. Haha!

We really didn't do a lot for the weekend, which was okay with me because I really just wanted to see everyone. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday watching Conference, and then Saturday afternoon I went to Colter's to meet all the family that was visiting that weekend.
That night I said the REAL last "see ya later" to Colter, which was a little hard to do all over again but definitely worth it. I also had to say goodbye to my family too, because this time I'm REALLY not coming home til Thanksgiving.

I got to stay til Monday afternoon, and Monday morning I got to go visit my Grandpa Bart and Sandy one last time before I took off, and it was really nice to visit with them for a while. Then my parents drove me back to the airport. I knew that I had the best idea ever and it was totally worth all the surprised looks on everyone's faces.. And I had really missed my mom and dad so it was good that I got to see them for my birthday :)

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